A Prayer in Dark Times

Recently I read a prayer to Brighid for strength against those who would harm us in these times, against fascists and neo-nazis, against Trump and his administration. It inspired me to write one of my own–I hope it contains a hint of the imbas I have seen from so many talented Gaelic Polytheists.

I will light the fire
for rebellion
as Brighid would.
I will shield in mist
the vulnerable
as Manannan would.
I will give of my cauldron
to those in need
as the Dahgda would.
I will do battle
for the oppressed
as the Morrigan would.
I will record
the deeds of the wicked
as Oghma would.
I will think fondly
of those who have aided me
as Oengus would.
May I act with
in my heart
in my arms
on my tongue.


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