Routine, Part 2

A lovely person by the name of Rosemary of Tir na Og on the discord server an Teaghlach has written two lovely morning hymns for Manannan for me, and I adore them.

I call to Manannan
For I feel you with the rising sun
I give my praise to you, dear Mac Lir
Please aid me with the day to come.
May you bless me with your guiding hand
and keep me afloat through life’s motion.
Help me keep my feet firmly in the sand
but my heart with you beneath the ocean.


Greeting to you Great Manannan!
For I feel you with the sun;
May my heart float amongst your waves
for this day to come.
On this morn i pray
to feel your shepherding hands
for aid
till the sun falls once more.
Though my feet may not be
planted in your sands
may my soul be guided by you
till I find the other world’s shore.

So pretty!


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