Veiling and Geisa

Veiling is, for me, a geis. I think it may have been passed down by Brighid, but it’s also possible Manannan or the Morrigan has a hand in it. Even Lugh may have had a part in it. Every time I ask the gods about it, I get an overwhelmingly positive response from them. They always use phrases like “protecting your power” or “shielding yourself.”

I’ve been having issues working out the specifics of the geis, however. I’m a bit deaf when it comes to listening to the gods–only occasionally can I hear them clearly without the use of an aid–so I use tarot or runes for communication. And as you can imagine, working out details with just some cards is exceedingly difficult. For this, I suppose, I will have to rely on base instinct and feelings. From that, I must assume the limits of the geis are thus:

  • I am to veil when I leave the house.
  • I am to veil the majority of my hair (i.e. a large headband will suffice, but a thin headband will not.)
  • I am to veil when around anyone who is not close to me. (i.e. my husband and my close friends.)
  • Modest dress is not required, but is permitted. (I often dress modestly out of comfort.)

This may seem strict, but the benefits are outstanding, to the point where I don’t know if I could stop veiling if I had to. I adore wearing it. It makes me feel beautiful, though I’m aware it probably reduces my beauty to others. It makes me feel put-together, and raises my standards for my own actions. I am inspired to excel, and my energy levels have increased tremendously.

It’s amazing what a simple thing it is, but what benefits it has had for me.

I have considered oathing to Manannan recently, and he has mentioned briefly that veiling would be part of my oath, but that is a story for another time.


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